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Nigerian Bag Manufacturing Company Limited (Bagco) was established in Lagos during 1972 to provide quality sacks to support the Industrial and Agricultural market sectors of the Nigerian economy. Arising from this base, Northern Bag Manufacturing Company Limited (Bagco North) was established in Kano during 1990 to further increase the capacity of sack production and improves distribution


In 2007 Bagco was quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) becoming a Plc and it was during this first year as a publicly quoted company that Bagco was awarded the NSE President's Award in its Trade Group.


Currently, the Bagco Group has a capacity of 30million sacks per month which are used to package powder and granular Industrial products (Cement, Fertilizer, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Detergent, etc) and Open Market products (Shopping Bags, Agricultural products etc). Also, additional products such as webbing (Webby), sewing yarns, small cases (Trabag) and flexible intermediates bulk containers (Jumbo bags) have been added to the Bagco Group product portfolio.


Bagco Morpack (Nigeria) Limited (Morpack) was established in Lagos during 2007 to manufacture printed and laminated flexible films to provide packaging for the Food, Confectionary and Detergent markets. Further expansion in Morpack throughout 2009 will add Blown film to their range.

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